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About us

Investing with you

Our mission
We exist to assist our clients in navigating the financial world. We provide personalized financial services that allow a strict management of your assets. We help you choosing your means of smart investment and to protect your property.

Our vision
We provide a truly independent consulting service, focused on our clients’ best interest. We challenge ourselves to be a reliable company, recognized for transparent liaising and strong abilities to innovate and adapt to financial solutions.

Our values
Integrity || Compromised to rigorous ethic and professional standards of practice. Ethical and moral strictness as part of our conduct.
Excellence || Continuous search for high standards of quality of customer support and financial consulting.
Harmony || We work with our client, we place their emotions, perceptions, motivations and profile as the centre of our activity.
Responsibility || We develop long term relationships and assist our clients to better understand the aim of their decisions.
Simplicity || We are proud to help decreasing ambiguity, presenting updated and analysed information to all processes in decision making.


Financial consulting

Personalized and specialized financial consulting services. more

Assets consulting

Constant consulting on the assets evolution. more

Analysis of the portfolio risk

Monitoring of performance and portfolio risk of assets. more

Savings and investment solutions

The best solutions in savings and investment opportunities. more


The new NP Consulting brand


Investing with you is the conceptual centre for the new NP Consulting brand, translating the character of absolute proximity the company develops with their clients.

According to the CEO Nuno Pinto, “at NP Consulting the client is the fundamental piece and our passion for investments inspires us to seek excellence and to build long lasting relationships. Apart from our expertise and solid technical knowledge, the rapport we have with our clients is our biggest asset.” more

Golf and business


We love golf as much as smart investments. Following business, golf is the most competitive sports. We share an article from Examiner, which presents 7 similarities between golf and business. more

Client feedback

NP Consulting is an important partner to our business and they have continuously shown a great competence in helping us create solid and informed viewpoints. They really help us making good decisions.

Client, testimonial

We know each other and have been working together for many years now. Nuno is a continuously reliable and effective business partner, good to work with.

Client, testimonial

Technically they are very good, combining professionalism with availability and good sense of humor.

Client, testimonial

Working with Nuno Pinto means to do business with someone that truly cares about my assets.

Client, testimonial

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NP Consulting
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