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We love golf as much as smart investments. Following business, golf is the most competitive sports. We share an article from Examiner, which presents 7 similarities between golf and business.

Golf and business have been inextricably linked for more than a century. Executives seem to be as comfortable conducting business against the serene backdrop of a rolling fairway as they are within the boardroom. Golf reigns as Corporate America’s No. 1 pastime.

But do you realize how similar the game of golf is to running and conducting business? Let’s look at the similarities:

1. There are clear targets in the game of golf – you know where you’re heading. You can see the goal. Successful businesses have targets, metrics, and goals with everyone heading in the same direction.

2. Along the way, you track your results. In golf it is strokes, birdies and bogeys. In business, it’s sales, expenses, and all those things you find on your P&L statement.

3. There’s always room for improvement. There’s a reason why the best golfer in the world still practices on a daily basis. Successful businesses don’t run with a “if it ain’t broke – don’t fix it” attitude. They opt for continuous improvement.

4. They face known and unknown obstacles. Golf hazards such as sand traps and water holes on the course are pretty obvious. These may be easier to overcome than tricky angles, rough patches of grass or distracting partners. For each obstacle, there are effective strategies to employ to eliminate the obstacle and reach your goal. So too in business.

5. Grace under pressure. It’s a paradox – you must be able to perform under pressure but the more seriously you take it, the worse you perform. In golf, as in business, it is necessary to focus, maintain your cool, persist, and approach every hole (opportunity) as if you’re playing the best game of your life.

6. Golf has Standard Operating Procedures such as: Do not play until the golfers ahead are safely out of range or don’t move, talk or stand too close while a golfer is playing his shot. Successful businesses should have an SOP manual and hold their staff accountable for following such procedures.

7. The best games are competitive and fun. One without the other tends to detract from your enjoyment of the game. Businesses that combine competition (internally and externally) with a sense of fun tend to attract and retain “A” players because the culture keeps them involved and engaged.

You can read the full article here.

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